Reflexology is a Holistic Therapy that works on the basis that our bodies are interconnected; through this connection, we can encourage restoration of balance on a mental, spiritual and physical level

Reflexologists believe that the body is mapped out on the feet, hands and ears via an energetic connection. If a Reflexologist was to stimulate a point on a clients foot for example, it would encourage energy flow to that area and encourage the bodies natural healing process

Each of our feet have in the region of 7000 nerve endings, which can be traced to every structure in the body, and body function. By applying pressure to points on the feet, you are having an effect on the corresponding structure and function


Evidence of Reflexology type practices go back over 5,00 years, with indications of its practice in Ancient Egypt, America and China. In Europe from the 14th century it is believed that physicians used the application of pressure for therapeutic benefits.