Baby Classes - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a course?

You can check availability and book your preferred course time and venue online, using the links on the relevant pages, dependant on which Baby class you are interested in

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Can my baby start Baby Massage classes if they are crawling?

There is no upper age limit for joining baby massage classes but little ones who are crawling and new to massage, can be more on the move whilst learning the massage routine

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I am part of a post natal group, can we arrange a baby massage course?

If you are part of a post natal group, there are great discounts available for multiple bookings.

Check the latest class availability and discounts here

When is the earliest age my baby can attend classes?

If your baby was full term, they can attend Baby Massage classes from approximately 6 weeks old. If your baby will be slightly younger at the start of a course, please get in touch before booking

Premature babies, it is advised they attend from 6 weeks after their due date

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Can I bring along Partners, Grandparents and older children?

Yes Partners and Grandparents are always welcome to come along, however please get in touch to confirm who will be joining you before each class, to ensure we have enough space accommodate everyone

We allow older children to attend Baby Massage on a case by case basis, with prior notice, they often really enjoy getting involved.

We do ask that they do not disrupt the class for the rest of the group

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My baby can be a little unsettled, I'm worried they could disrupt the class

Little Pickles Baby Massage classes are very relaxed, classes are all about the babies. Babies will get fussy in class at some point and that's expected. Classes run at a very relaxed pace, we expect little ones to need a break/feed/cuddle, so the course is designed so you can take breaks, as and when required

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