Baby Yoga Course

Baby Yoga uses gentle stretches and movements for you to do with your baby combined with sensory play

This helps to improve baby's muscle tone, co-ordination and improve flexibility, along with a gentle stretches and movements for parents

The Little Pickles Yoga course runs in 4 week blocks and includes the following in every session:

Gentle stretches and movements for baby         


Sensory play                     

Gentle stretches for Parents

Relaxation for Parents

Each session provides a different range of Yoga moves and Sensory play.

These fun and interactive classes are a great way to socialise and spend quality time with your little one

Suitable for babies 8 weeks to toddling

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Here are just some of the many benefits of Baby Yoga for babies:

 Strengthens and improves muscle tone

Improves co-ordination

Helps with bonding and attachment

 Improves sleep quality

 Sensory play for development

 Parent and Baby socialisation

Assists language development through song

Can alleviate trapped wind and constipation

Have you heard about the many benefits of Baby Massage?

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