Baby Yoga

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline, meaning to 'unite' or 'join together' whether that is the body and mind or in the case of Baby Yoga - Parent and Baby

baby yoga

Babies are natural Yogi's, Yoga enhances baby's natural abilities, building and strengthening

Little Pickles classes use gentle stretches and movements for your baby combined with fun sensory play

This helps to improve baby's muscle tone, co-ordination and improve flexibility. We combine this with gentle stretches, relaxation and movements for parents

Why Baby Yoga?

Gentle stretches and movements for your baby   

Movements incorporating fun songs - great for supporting baby's speech development

Magic Moves often help to calm a fussy baby

Sensory Play                     

Gentle Stretches, Breathing and Relaxation for Parents

Baby Yoga
baby yoga
baby yoga

Suitable for babies 8 weeks to 12 months

baby yoga review

Baby Yoga Benefits:

 Strengthens and improves muscle tone

Improves co-ordination

Helps with bonding and attachment

 Improves sleep quality

 Sensory play for development

 Parent and Baby socialisation

Assists language development through song

Can alleviate trapped wind and constipation

Important - Please Read

Baby Yoga Class requirements:

  • Your baby must be between 8 wks and 12 months old
  • Both parent and baby must have had their post natal 6 week check and have been cleared for exercise
  • Baby Yoga is not suitable for women under 14 weeks pregnant
  • Pregnancy over 14 weeks is fine
baby yoga

Baby Yoga Class Availability

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baby yoga