The Little Pickles Story


Hi I'm Sarah, I founded Little Pickles in 2016

I started this journey after my personal experience with Baby Massage. As a first time Mum, my little one was very unsettled in her first few months.

A very kind midwife recommended we visit a Cranial Osteopath, and from here I was introduced into the many benefits of Baby Massage.

Between the two therapies, the difference to our lives was astounding. My baby was far more settled, contented and she slept significantly longer. We went from her waking every 1.5 hours in the night, to 4-5 hours solid sleep after her bedtime massage. Most importantly she loved her massages, quality time and relaxation for both mum and baby

Her Colic symptoms improved, muscle tension from a difficult birth reduced and her trapped wind was also relieved.

So after completing my qualifications, Little Pickles was founded and I've been passing on the many benefits of Baby Massage to new parents ever since

If you have any questions, please just get in touch sarah@littlepickles.co.uk

Sarah x