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Fun, Friendly and Relaxed Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Classes

At Little Pickles you're assured of a warm welcome. Classes are all about the babies, every class is baby led and structured to allow feeding, changing and those all important cuddle breaks

Little Pickles Baby Classes

Baby Massage

6 weeks to Crawling

A Baby Massage Course is an ideal first class for you and your little one

Our 4 week course suitable for babies approx six weeks to crawling

Learn a Full Body Massage Routine for your baby, including specific steps for Colic, Constipation and Teething

Set in a relaxed and calming atmosphere, relax, wind down whilst bonding with your little one

Classes are a great way to meet other parents near you

Baby Yoga

8 weeks to Walking

Baby Yoga can be a great follow on class from Baby Massage and is also suitable as a first class for you both

Baby Yoga sessions are booked in blocks of 4 weeks. As this is such a varied class, which adapts as your baby grows, many parents return for multiple months

Baby Yoga uses gentle stretches and movements for you to do with your baby. Each class involves standing and seated moves, gentle stretches for baby, songs and sensory play

The class also includes gentle stretches and relaxation for parents


3 - 12 months

After your Baby Massage course, why not come along to Baby Massage in the Sensory room

Baby Massage in the Sensory room classes start with an Interactive Baby Massage routine, incorporating rhymes, games and actions for growing babies.

These sessions include new massage steps and adaptions, helping you to continue with massage when baby is more on the move

We finish off each session with free time sensory play in the sensory room

Sleep benefits

Relaxes baby ready for restful sleep

Helps to build a bedtime routine

baby massage sleep

Aids Digestion

Stimulates the digestive system which helps to relieve the symptoms of:

❤ Colic

❤ Trapped Wind

❤ Constipation

baby massage


Baby Massage is a special time for you and your baby

Great for bonding and improving communication


baby massage


Relief from the discomfort of teething

baby massage benefits teething

Why choose a Little Pickles Baby class:

♥ Friendly welcoming classes

♥ Rhymes for the babies

♥ Relaxed atmosphere, a great to meet other parents near you

♥ Goodie bag including free samples and discount vouchers

♥ Handouts to help you practice at home between classes

♥ Read our reviews, 99.9% of attendees would recommend a friend

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