Relaxed Parent and Baby Classes

Our Classes

Baby Massage

Supports Restful Sleep, Relaxing Bonding 

Baby Reflex

Techniques to relieve Catarrh, Aid Sleep

Baby Yoga

Improve flexibility and coordination


Baby Massage

An ideal first class for you and your baby


At Little Pickles you are assured of a warm and supportive environment

Our classes are all about the babies, every session is baby led and structured to be flexible to you and your baby's needs

Little Pickles Classes are relaxed and friendly. Class sizes are small, making your weekly class an ideal setting to make new friends and share experiences 

How can Baby Massage and Reflexology support my baby?

♥ Help baby to relax ready for restful sleep

♥ Soothe baby through gentle touch

♥ Relieves muscle tension

♥ Builds a bedtime routine

♥ Relaxes Parent and Baby

♥ Supports Body Awareness

♥ Support their digestion

♥ Relieves Colic and Trapped Wind

♥ Relieves and Prevents Constipation

♥ Reduces Catarrh and Congestion

♥ Promotes Parent and Baby Bonding


♥ Experienced Instructor

♥ Qualified and Fully Insured

♥ Read our reviews, 99.9% of parents would recommend a friend


♥ Group or more Personalised Private Classes

♥ Face to Face or Online Sessions

♥ Access to our online resource portal, supporting long term practice

♥ Access Support via message 24/7


♥ Personalised Service

♥ Baby led

♥ Relaxed Sessions

♥ Work together at your baby's pace